Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The New Stamps are OUT!!!!!!!

WOW i'm so excited about this!!!! Queen Kat Designs has released the very first editions of my lovelies in stamp form! Here they are and here is the link where you can BUY them! They're on sale right now so make sure you snag them while they're in!!!! They're HOT! Also, If you click on the pics it'll take you to their specific listings on !!!!I've made it just too easy for you! :)




Mad Hatted Mermaid

Sweet Flamingo Love
So there you have it!!! The very first stamp releases! They're gorgeous! And you can head on over to to see the AMAZING ideas the crew came up with using these stamps! They're GORGEOUS!!!!! Yay!!! Today, I will celebrate! :) A very Merry unbirthday to ME!!!...until tomorrow that is! :)

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