Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's my Bday!!!!

YAY!!!! lol ok, so usually I'm not a big fan of Bdays but i've decided from here on out, instead of being sulky about age, I will accept's going to happen whether I like it or not so it might as well be fun! And my husband is truly fantastic! He always tries to make my birthday the most fun possible. This morning, he snuck out before heading off to work to bring me a muffin and chocolate milk from Tim Hortons so it was there when I woke up! And then I woke up to bunny faced balloons and a message on my computer telling me to text him for the first clue for my first present! I found Britney Spears in my underwear/sock drawer and a mermaid Barbie doll in in the microwave! lol!. Well, It was the Britney Spears Circus album and the Barbie wasn't IN the microwave but in the microwave stand! I will get the rest of my adventure clues when he gets home from work! So excited! HAPPY BDAY TO ME!!!!! lol!