Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Have a WINNER!!!!!

Hooray!!!!!!!! Ok, so I had my husband pull a name out of my baseball hat tonight for the blog exciting! And we do have a winner!!!!!!!!! The winner is....drumroll please! (I know....i'm a walking cliche!)..............


Yay!!!!!! I want to thank everyone for participating! I will be holding more giveaways in the future so please keep checking in! :) Thanks again for everyone who is now following me!!! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Presenting: Aquamarine!

Isn't she just lovely!!!!! I could just squish her, she's so cute! I don't know what it is. There is just something about her face that makes me love her! And the pretty colours! WOW! They're fantastic in person! She's currently for sale on Ebay and if you click on the pic it'll bring you to her auction! YAY!!!! She's the 7th addition to my Mermaid Masquerade series....I love the theme so I just can't help myself! lol!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stamp Sale and new original!

Right now at Queen Kat Stamps she has a stamp sale from now to the 29th of June! 35% off all stamps! 35%!!!!! WOW!!!! That means the stamps I've designed are also on sale!!!! YAY! (if you click on the underlined highlighted area it will take you to my very own stamps!) You can get a super cute mushroom stamp for $1.94U.S. right now! I've used these stamps personally and I can say they're excellent quality acrylic stamps so if you're into scrapbooking or card making I think you'd really enjoy these stamps. And for some stamping ideas and card making ideas you can check out the Whimsical Ink Sorority blog! TONS of fabulous ideas by the wonderful team they have over there! The girls are awesome!

And I'm also here to entice you with my newest listing on Ebay! :) She's starting at only $19.99U.S. and this is for an ORIGINAL work of art by ME! :) That's super cheap! So if you're interested you can click the picture to get to the auction. She's super sweet!

So that's about it for now! Don't forget, my giveaway is going on! The details are in my last post! (look down!) Your best bet for winning some free stuff! :) Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009


YAY!!! So finally a giveaway!!!!! I had planned to do this sooner but unfortunately was unable. NOW is the time! I need a little summer pick me up and giveaways make me happy so here it is!
We're going to do it draw style! Here's how you can have your name entered into the giveaway!

1)Post about my blog on your own blog (I will need the link to your blog for proof - this will get you one entry per blog - so if you have two blogs, for example, and you post on both, that gets you two entries, etc!) If you don't have a blog, posting on your website would be great as well. OR even twitter....if you've got all three and you post on all three, that's three entries right there! Wherever you decide to post, don't forget to let me know so I can check it out for proof!

2)Invite your friends and have them join. You get one entry into the draw per friend that signs up to my blog- they will need to leave a comment here about which friend sent them!

3)If you're a member of my blog your name will be automatically enetered once. So whether you're new to the blog or you've been here a while, that's an automatic entry!

The draw date will be June 21st, after 6pm EST. That's Fathers Day! YAY! Free stuff on Fathers day!

Now....what will you win, you might ask....Well....I'll tell you! :)

One 4x6" glossy pring of "Brooklyn's Spring"

One 4x6" print of "Gypsy Magic"

One ACEO (2.5"x3.5") print of "Una"

YAY for free stuff!!!!! :) So exciting! So Hopefully this giveaway works out well. I would like to do more!

My husband will be the one to draw the lucky members name out of a hat - it will be totally random! It's no fun otherwise! :)

Good luck to all participants!!!!! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am home again

Hello again everyone!

After a very stressful week I am back home, once again. My grandfather did pass away and my family was busy attending to his funeral arrangements. He's no longer sick and he's in a far better place now. He was loved very dearly.

It may be slow going for me for the next little while but I do intend to get back to work ASAP. I do plan on having a giveaway still. And it should be coming up fairly shortly - here's crossing my fingers there are no more emergencies!

While I was away Queen Kat Designs did do the monthly release for stamps. They realeased Mermaid Masquerade: Pearl and Mermaid Masquerade: Star.

(If you click on the images it'll bring you to where you can purchase the stamps!)
The Whimsical Ink Sorority has LOTS of new ideas for the stamps, and they're all fantastic so hop on over and take a peek!