Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HELLO! So, here is the second piece in my Zodiac series. Taurus! :) She's not yet for sale on Etsy or Ebay - I've been hoarding my originals lately because I have an art show coming up in a couple weeks and I need to have stuff to show people! However, if you're really interested in any of my pieces, contact me at maigan_lynn@hotmail.com and we can discuss the possibility! What I do have for you are the finished Taurus as well as some detailed pictures. I LOVE this piece! I love them all but being a Taurus, this one's special for me!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Challenge at Oh Alice!

Hey Everyone! Just thought I would pop in quickly and let you know about a blog I started following called 'Oh Alice'. It's a fantastic place that holds challenges for your creative mind. Anyone who loves them a little Alice in Wonderland will love this blog. Sometimes you can even win prizes for participating! This weeks challenge is to create a card, journal page, scrapbook page, whatever, using sea-life! It's an under the sea challenge. HOW EXCITING!!! So if you're interested head on over to Oh, Alice to check it out and submit your stuff! This contest ends Friday, July 23rd at 8pm CST so there'st STILL time! I've submitted my good ol Mad Hatted Mermaid but have taken myself out of the running to win a prize. I just thought I would share this deliciously creative blog with all of you! Enjoy!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New work for sale!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!! It's been a while because things around here have been a bit of a gong show but I'm finally back into creating some art work! YAY! I missed it sooooooooo much! Things in life just don't seem right if I'm not drawing or painting! So here is my newest: Trinity and hse has some LOVELY jellyfish friends! She's currently for sale on Ebay starting at $39.99U.S She's a 5x7" piece so that's QUITE a deal. OR if you're impatient (like I sometimes can be if I really like something! lol) you can purchase her outright for $54.99U.S.

I also have a new project on the go! I'm working on a zodiac series and I'm SOOOOOO excited! You can check out the WIP pictures on my Facebook Fan Page!
AND (I know, as if that wasn't enough!) I'm booked to be in an art show on August 15th in Kingston Ontario. Thats the city we're currently in the process of moving to. It's for an excellent cause. It's a Women's Art Festival and 20% of all the artists profits go towards women's organizations! SO EXCITED!!!!! So if you're going to be in the area, it's a HUGE show with about 200 vendors all sharing their creations. If you need directions you can either contact me or go here: Kingston Womens's Art Festival 2010