Monday, May 4, 2009

First Blog Post!!!!

What an original name for a blog post! So, I've FINALLY joined the blogging world! Hopefully, here I can give you some links and show you what's new in the world of me and my art! I have LOTS of things going on lately. I'm a very busy girl! I have a few shops, as well as some contracts floating around out there so I will try to keep you up to date with it all!!!

First, some quick links to get you started!

My Etsy Shop - I have some originals, as well as lots of prints, handmade cards, and art note cards for sale, currently.

My Ebay items - where I sell most of my originals!

My own personal website!

and the newest! I have a contract with Queen Kat Designs to make stamps of my own designs! So if you're into scrapbooking, or just stamping in general this is for you! The blog to keep up to date with stamps is called Whimsical Ink Sorority and you can find it here!

Thanks for checking me out! Don't forget to follow to keep up to date! There's LOTS of new stuff going on this year!


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  1. yay! congrats on the new blog!!!! We are gonna have sooo much fun!