Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A BEAUTIFUL new piece!!!

Alright, i'm really excited about this one! The original line drawing was made to be very versatile as far as what colour of ribbon people would want to support. I painted this one with a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer awareness. She turned out BEAUTIFUL! I don't usually do Angel Like beings - I have certain issues with Anything Angel-like. I can't touch any kind of Angel figurine without breaking or damaging it in one way or another! And there are too many times this has happened to me to just be coincidence! Examples:

1)I accidentally knocked the head off my moms Cherub figurine on Easter when I was 14. I broke my arm that same day. I tried to glue the head back on. I let it set overnight and when I awoke the next morning the head was on the floor....

2)I broke the wings off of at least 3-4 of my moms Cherub figurines.

3)I bought my mom an Angel snowglobe for Mothers day one year with the idea that it was behind glass and there's no way I could harm it. A couple weeks later there was a fog patch on the glass in front of the Angels wouldn't go away....

4)My sister, who thinks these 'issues' are ridiculous nonsense thought it would be funny one Christmas to take one of the hard plastic Angel tree ornaments and rub it all over my back. I just about lost my mind so she said "Here, we'll hang it at the bottom of the tree so even if it DOES fall off it can't break." About an hour after this we were placing presents under the tree and I accidentally bumped the Angel, it fell to the floor, and the wings broke clean off. I will never forget the look on my sisters face!

I asked a Psychic once about these "issues" which until then I was calling a curse, thinking I had done something wrong to warrant this, and she laughed and said that I just had funny energy. That makes sense to me but c'mon! EVERY Angel?!?

Anyway, that little blurb aside, I have an Angel/Fairy/Mermaid here for you! She's not yet for sale but I will be listing her soon on Ebay! When that happens I will post a link for you! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Guardian Of Love

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