Sunday, July 12, 2009

Artisans in the park = cancelled...but i have NEW WORK!

So, the Artisans in the Park event was cancelled yesterday due to rain....but not just rain. Thunderstorms and torrential downpour! lol! However, it was disappointing because it only rained from 6:30am-10am....the rest of the day was gorgeous!

BUT I do think I will be signing up for another event on August 8th, in Petawawa and I'll be looking into our local farmers market to see what can be done there! The event on the 8th has a contingency plan if it should rain!

I also have some new work to share with you all! I've been busy the last couple weeks trying to get ready for the event that never happened so now I have all this stuff!


Isn't she pretty! I should have more to show soon, including a gothic lovely and a ribbon beauty!

OH YES!!!! I also have my work hanging in 2 SHOPS in downtown Pembroke. Doghouse Ink and Thai Gardens! YAY!!!! Here's a link to the ART TOUR if you'd like to check it out (Click on 'art tour')

I will be back with updates a little later!

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