Monday, July 27, 2009

Artisans in the Park art event!

YAY!!! So, this past weekend I had my very first art show. It ended up being small, but I had a good time nonetheless! Setting up and seeing my visions come into reality was a pretty cool thing in itself! I wanted to create a table with a fun atmosphere - and how could my girls NOT exude fun?!?
I picked fresh flowers from my own gardens, i used seshells and stones from my own wedding 2 years ago, made my own signs, had pamphlets and business cards - all of which were set up in a fun and cute way! I was so impressed!
Originally there were supposed to be more vendors but the first time the event was supposed to happen, it rained and was cancelled. So, this time around, not as many were available. It still made for a really good day though - the things that were there were incredible!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! :)

Me setting up at 7:30am!

The final setup! I was so impressed! :)

A view with my flowers (pink and yellow in the back) and my mailing list table with the stamps and pamphlets! :)

And a view of the right side, with my tote bags and paints in the background! I love the colours!
So, the next event is on August 8th at the Petawawa public library from 12-3! I'm super excited! I also have a potential event in October but that's a bit away yet - I will let you all know when we get closer to the date! :)


  1. how fun!!! wish I could have been there.

  2. You were there! I brought your stamps! lol! :)