Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New listings on Etsy!

Another puzzle for sale in my Etsy shop! :) I thought this one was fitting since March is the month for the Mad Hatter - unofficially. The new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland is coming out so to me, this all seems fitting! The puzzle is 252 pieces and ends up being 10"x14". EXCELLENT quality! I love these puzzles! I also have some originals listed in my Etsy shop now. If you're really interested in one of them you have time to save your pennies! Etsy has a longer window to play with than Ebay does - so the listings won't be over in a week (Unless they're sold, of course!). You can click on any of the underlined links above to get to the puzzle, originals, or just my Etsy shop in general! :) HAPPY MAD MARCH! And a very Merry Un-Birthday to you all as well! ;)

1 comment:

  1. your puzzles look awesome. I hope I can pick one up soon.