Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Newest Ebay Listings!

I have two more listings up on Ebay for today! Two ORIGINALS! :) How exciting!

Guardian Of Love

Click the pics to bring you to the listings and don't forget to check out my other listings as well!


  1. Such gorgeous work, Maigan!! And thank you for the absolutely sweet and cool message you just left on my blog!! I so envy your ability to draw, that's for sure. Quite honestly, I'm lucky that I have any sense of shadowing at this point in my life because I've taken art classes and making things look realistic using shadows and light sources - well, somehow those concepts escape me. Weird. But thank you for the awesome note!!

  2. lol Shadowing is never easy and I even find myself a bit nervous to shadow and highlight because i'm afraid i'll muck it up! lol!